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A beginners guide to Play to Earn Games

Beginners guide to Play to earn games

Play-to-earn games are a new trend amongst crypto investors. The concept is quite simple – You have to play in order to earn. Blockchain has added syrup of decentralization and trustlessness to these games.

Let’s find out what these games are, how they work and what is their future.

How do these Play-to-Earn games work?

Play to Earn games are powered by blockchain technology, particularly the NFTs and ERC20 tokens. These NFTs represent special objects in the game. For example, while playing Fortnite, you must have bought some skins or characters in the game. These skins or characters are represented by the NFTs. The NFT technology increases the liquidity of these special objects as they can be sold outside of the game too.

Some games provide a feature of staking your NFTs in order to earn extra incentives. Usually, these play-to-earn games use ERC 721 ( NFTs ) and ERC 1155 tokens. ERC 1155 tokens are NFTs that are can be converted into Fungible tokens.

How can we play them?

Most of the Play-to-Earn games require an upfront cost in order to start playing. Therefore we need to satisfy the requirements of the game in order to start playing it.
No registration is required for playing these games. You just need to log in with your wallet and that’s it.

Here are some of the popular Play-to-Earn games that are built on blockchain-

Challenges faced by Play-to-Earn Games

  • Lack of amusement – Most of these play-to-earn games are boring and have not been appreciated by true gamers. The users believe that no one would play these games if they were not built on the blockchain.
  • Poor User Interface – The UI of these play-to-earn games is obsolete and is not user-friendly at all. Therefore, the user-Interface needs to be improved.
  • Expensive – Most of these games are actually Pay to earn rather than Play to Earn. Therefore, these games are not suitable for beginners who are looking to enter the Play to Earn space.
  • Unfair setups – As these games are in their early stages, there is a constant need for monitoring the gameplays. However, this is not been taken care of as the games are quite unbalanced and are easier for high-level players and hard for beginners. Therefore, there is a need for some balancing updates in these games.

Play-to-earn games are gaining quite a lot of traction. Yes, they have some issues to deal with but let’s not forget that these games are in their initial stages. The developers are working really hard to solve the issues and make their games more playable and enjoyable while maintaining the economics of the game.

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