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These 5 Women Are Examples Of Why Web3 Needs Women At The Forefront

Women in web 3

Web 3.0 will be a new version of the internet where everyone will own their data. Many developers are coming forward to participate in this movement. However, the gender diversity in Web 3.0 is not very good. Currently, the ratio of men to women in Web 3 is very high.

Diversity in Web 3

Web 3.0 aims to decentralize the internet by promoting equality among users. However, this condition does not hold while comparing the number of men to the number of women in the crypto space. If we ask you to tell us the name of any 5 men who are present in the Web 3.0 space, you can quickly tell that. However, if we ask you to name 3 women from the Web 3.0 space, you wouldn’t be able to do that.

That’s the issue with the diversity of Web 3.0. This is quite demotivating for women trying to enter the Web 3.0 space. Therefore there is a need to promote women in the Web 3.0 space.

The change is happening now, and many women have stepped forward to join the Web 3.0 movement. Here is a list of some women who are representing themselves in Web 3.0

List of Leading Women in this space

Bridget Greenwood

Bridget Greenwood is the founder of The Bigger Pie, an organization focused on supporting women in blockchain and emerging tech. She is also co-founder with Dr Amber Ghaddar at The 200Bn Club, an accelerator program to help female-led startups match successfully with investors.

Ani Alexander

Ani Alexander has been a marketing professional in the blockchain space for the past five years. NFTs are now both part of her career and personal passion. Ani is the CMO at NFTfi, while she is also an NFT artist and producer. On top of that, she hosts the NFT Rebels podcast.

Paula Marie

Paula Marie is a Web3 luxury fashion retail and lifestyle innovation lecturer & consultant with 20 years of international experience in the Luxury & Fashion Industries. Today, she is developing the Web 3 and Metaverse ecosystem for luxury fashion brands to create universal fashion experiences using AR, IOTs/XR/VR AI/ML & Blockchain Development.

Zaynab Tucker

Zaynab Tucker is the CEO of Nitro League — an exciting play-to-earn racing game that brings together decentralized gaming, NFTs and the metaverse. She has worked with multiple businesses, helping them realize the opportunities of the digital age through creating user-centric experiences at the intersection of design and technology.

Dr Amber Ghaddar

Dr Amber Ghaddar is one of the founders of AllianceBlock, the blockchain startup building the framework for the world’s first globally compliant capital market by bridging CeFi and DeFi.

These were just some of the women who are dominating the Web 3.0 space. There are many more women who are contributing to the Web 3.0 space. For more information, you can check out this page.

Diversity is needed in all fields of life. Similarly, Web 3.0 also needs to correct the absurd ratio of men and women. Ultimately, we can say that females should also participate in the Web 3.0 movement and support other ladies to do the same.

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