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SimWin Sports Unveils Virtual Fantasy Football League

SimWin Sports's Virtual Fantasy Football League
SimWin Sports's Virtual Fantasy Football League

SimWin Sports, a prominent interactive platform recognized for its AI-powered fantasy sports, is venturing into new territory by introducing a virtual fantasy football league. This groundbreaking initiative combines elements of fantasy sports, esports, and NFTs, as the league will feature virtual teams competing around the clock. This innovative concept aims to provide an immersive experience for both casual sports enthusiasts and seasoned players alike.

One thrilling aspect of this endeavor is the presence of celebrity coaches leading several virtual teams. Recognizable names such as Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk, Tracy McGrady, and NBA icon Magic Johnson are among the notable personalities involved. Magic Johnson’s involvement with SimWin Sports dates back to June 2022, where he began as a team owner, investor, and advisor, actively contributing to the platform.

One of the most captivating aspects is that fans will not simply be passive spectators; they will have the opportunity to own and oversee their own virtual teams. Empowered with the ability to train their teams, fans can potentially generate profits from player salaries, sponsorships, and shared revenue. SimWin goes even further by enabling customers to scout and nurture virtual college players, guiding them through important career milestones such as securing an agent and eventually retiring.

During an interview with Decrypt, Tom Goedde, SimWin’s President and Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized the distinctive nature of this project by stating, “It’s a rare, if not the only, Web3 experience where you can earn money without having to sell your digital assets.”

Utilizing artificial intelligence, the platform trains teams and executes plays as determined by the fans. This not only enhances the realism of the experience but also acts as a safeguard against cheating and match manipulation.

Following SimWin’s recent announcement of its strategic partnership with Sports Illustrated, this new venture marks a significant step towards the shared objective of connecting their Web3 audience with the traditional sports world. David J. Ortiz, SimWin’s CEO (no relation to MLB hall of famer David Ortiz), expressed this intention in an interview with Yahoo! Finance. The launch of the virtual football league serves as a prominent advancement in fulfilling that vision.

However, SimWin’s ambitions extend beyond football. The company has grand plans to venture into soccer, basketball, and cricket, heralding a new era of digital sports involvement. With the enticing prospect of combining traditional sports, fantasy leagues, and virtual assets, SimWin Sports is well-positioned to reshape the online sports and gaming landscape.

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