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Patrick Hughes Dynamic NFT Collection

Patrick Hughes holding NFT with his other perspective NFTs in the background.
Patrick Hughes holding NFT with his other perspective NFTs in the background.

“Iconic artist Patrick Hughes, renowned for his captivating reverse perspective artworks, has recently ventured into the world of NFTs with the launch of two new digital art pieces.” Once again, the pioneer of the ‘reverspective’ painting technique used his 30-year experience to develop two 3D rotating structures:

  • Titled ‘Die,’ this captivating digital creation features a dice-like structure comprised of three planes that dynamically rotate, emulating the physical motion of rolling dice.”
  • ‘Rubik’s Cube’ is an adaptation of the revered cubism art movement through Hughes’s reverspective technique, as depicted by Business Insider.

Significantly, there are 330 limited editions available for each NFT. While the private sale concluded on June 24th, collectors still have the opportunity to acquire a piece through the public sale on the ElmonX platform.

In August 2022, Hughes made his initial foray into the NFT space by debuting a Reverspective collection on the VeVe platform. Undoubtedly, the presence of such a groundbreaking artist in the NFT market is propelling the value of digital art to unprecedented heights.

Patrick Hughes has formed a collaboration with the web3 platform ElmonX to release his latest NFT drop, marking a significant milestone in his NFT journey.

Dedicated to modern art and artifacts, ElmonX stands as a cutting-edge NFT platform of the next generation. Renowned for its impressive collection, the platform showcases NFTs featuring masterpieces by Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin, and even the iconic ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo DaVinci.

Committed to environmental sustainability, this eco-friendly web3 platform demonstrates its support by planting a tree for every completed sale.

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