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Moonrunners NFTs – Can they touch the moon?

Moonrunners NFT

Image via @MoonrunnersNFT

NFTs have been around since 2015, but they are now experiencing a boost in popularity thanks to several factors. First, and perhaps most obviously, is the normalization and excitement of cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain frameworks. Similarly, Moonrunners NFT collection is getting quite a lot of traction these days from the crypto community. If you don’t know what an NFT is, check out our separate article on NFTs.

About Moonrunners NFT

Moonrunners is a collection of 10,000 handcrafted PFP NFTs. All the NFTs are free to mint i.e. you have to pay the network fee (gas fee) only in order to mint these NFTs. You can only mint 2 NFTs per wallet.

The developers have kept the ecosystem quite minimal. In short, they don’t have any discord, or roadmap and follow a CC0 approach. CC0 stands for creative commons zero, meaning it has no copyrights. Simply put, You can modify and distribute the work as you please, including for commercial purposes.

Furthermore, Moonrunners is a story-driven project and has not yet revealed the exact utilities of the NFTs.
Here’s what they have to say about the project on their website –
“For the longest time, this Wolfpack lived in harmony and peace on Primordia among humankind, but one month would change the course of history forever and now the Crimson full moon is coming once again…”

The main idea behind Moonrunners is to ‘Enjoy the ride’. Simply put, the team believes that their project is going to flourish in the crypto space i.e. it’s going to the moon. Therefore, they want to say Enjoy your ride to the moon.


Moonrunners NFT collection was developed by a team of six artists, developers, writers and Advisors. The team comes with prior experience and is very dedicated to their work. The team aims to under promise and overdeliver which is the same reason why they kept their design minimal.

Thus, we can conclude that Moonrunners have done great marketing of their collection which is being reflected in the Opensea charts too. Similar projects like Moonrunners have failed to gain traction from the audience and thus have failed badly. Moonrunners on the other hand is flourishing because of its minimal design and to-the-point marketing.

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