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Minecraft NFT ban ongoing

Minecraft NFT ban saga
Minecraft NFT ban saga

During the previous summer, Mojang, the Swedish games studio owned by Microsoft, announced their intention to revise the usage guidelines for their game. The planned update will include explicit limitations regarding the integration of NFTs. Mojang has firmly expressed their opposition to incorporating NFTs into the game. However, as of now, Minecraft has not yet released the updated guidelines. A representative from Microsoft recently reassured the community that the official update to the guidelines is still being developed, underscoring that the policy remains unaltered.

The decision to prohibit the use of NFTs in Minecraft originated due to the emergence of unofficial Web3 projects that took advantage of the game’s widespread popularity. Mojang specifically aimed to address NFT assets that restrict and control access to certain content or functionalities on player-operated servers. While players are allowed to charge for server access, it is essential that these features remain available to all. Conversely, NFTs introduce the potential for exclusive features that are limited to a specific set of asset owners.

Mojang clarified that the utilization of NFTs and other blockchain technologies goes against its fundamental values. The studio’s core principles revolve around fostering creative inclusivity and promoting communal play. Furthermore, the official statement expressed concerns about the speculative pricing and investment-oriented nature associated with NFTs. Mojang believes that such focus on profits detracts from the game’s primary experience and undermines the emphasis on player enjoyment and engagement.

Furthermore, Minecraft declared its intention to cease the creation of third-party NFT assets derived from official game assets. This determination had a direct impact on third-party Web3 projects that had been built upon Minecraft servers as their foundation.

One such project is NFT Worlds, which originally provided customizable land plots as NFTs and had intentions to launch a dedicated Minecraft server utilizing these tokens. However, the creators of NFT Worlds quickly adjusted their strategy and rebranded the project as Topia. Topia is now an original game inspired by Minecraft but developed entirely from scratch.

While Minecraft has not yet enforced the ban on NFTs, Mojang’s commitment to revising the guidelines signifies their persistent opposition to incorporating NFTs into the game. Players and the Web3 community are eagerly anticipating further progress in this regard to see how the situation will ultimately unfold.

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