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Goblintown NFT Drops McGoblin Burgers – WTF is this?

Goblin Tower NFT collection has seen a parabolic trend in the NFT space. The collection consists of 9999 NFTs built on the Ethereum Blockchain. We can talk more about the collection in detail, but this is not that article. However, if you want to know more about the Goblintown NFT collection, click here. Let’s dig out what are McGoblin Burgers and what does it have to do with the investors.

McGoblin Burgers

According to Goblintown’s creators, Goblin Town is a place where all the goblins live. They like to be themselves, celebrate their talents, and love to indulge in burgers and yell. The team also believes, “Everyone has a little goblin inside them, and they are just going to let them out.” The McGoblin Burger is stuffed with worms, socks, meat, sauce, buns, or whatever mouldy thing is lying around the corner, but you have to get one to make your goblin happy.

McGoblin Burgers

For this, make sure you own a Goblintown NFT before claiming. Each Goblin can only claim 1 burger. Each burger can have up to 6 toppings in total, such as fries, slop, and meat. The Goblin King will get a free McGoblin Burger without having to mint it.

What are “Oopsy” and “Utilipee” functions?

“Oopsy” and “Utilipee” are 2 other functions in the contract that can affect your McGoblin Burger’s appearance and its metadata( if you are unfamiliar with this word, just assume that it is a unique ID for the burger. It will be easier to understand it) if your Goblin has an “Oopsy”, the metadata will reflect that and none of the ingredients will matter. However, it is still unclear what is the purpose of “Oopsy” for now.

If the “Oopsy” is disabled, then there are two cases that could happen.

  • Case 1 – If the Goblin NFT owner disabled the “Utilipee” function, then the McGoblin Burger’s metadata will simply consist of all toppings selected.
  • Case 2 – If you enabled the “Utilipee” and your Goblin doesn’t have “Oopsy”, the resulting burger will have its own unique metadata instead.

So that means toppings are not the only factor that affects the variety of your McGoblin Burgers.

After you create your burger, you can feed them to your NFTs ( your Goblins ). Eating a burger will have some effects on Goblin NFTs.

Thus, we have seen how some small utilities can make the whole project interesting and more attractive. Maybe this is the reason behind the popularity of the Goblintown NFTs as it also focuses on small achievements. These small achievements ultimately provide for the growth of the whole project.

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