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Lady Ape Club NFT- The Female Companions of the Bored Apes

Lady Ape Club is a specially curated NFT collection for women and provides a female alternative to the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Lady Ape Club NFT collection

About the Lady Ape Club collection

Although not affiliated with BAYC, the collection essentially stands as the reverse of the BAYC collection – in facial orientation and gender terms. As with its male counterparts, the collection consists of 10,000 female apes, each featuring unique facial expressions, different accessories, and extraordinary colorful garments.

The Distribution and Sales of LAC NFTs

On July 18th, 9,000 LAC NFTs sold out within 4 hours on the STRMNFT marketplace. 90 special apes were then auctioned on STRMNFT, with all selling out by the next day.

To ensure equality and to spread the word of the Bored Ape’s new female companions, part of the remaining 910 assets will be allocated to different community members. Ten will be given to LAC creators, 100 to influencers, and 100 will be airdropped to BAYC owners.

Most importantly, and as the math suggests, 700 NFTs were left after all the allocations. These are currently listed on OpenSea via timed auctions and are therefore waiting to be picked up immediately.

The project is planning a yacht party in Dubai for its holders. Furthermore, many other events and reward initiatives will be hosted in collaboration with STRMNFT. 

On the NFT side of things, the future will see LAC holders have the chance to receive and breed a Baby Ape NFT. This will involve innovative concepts such as ‘DNA,’ ‘Super DNA,’ and ‘Jewellery Boxes.’

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