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How can you keep your NFTs safe?

How to keep your NFTs safe?

When it comes to crypto, NFTs are one of the most hyped technologies in the Web 3.0 space. Anyone can create, mint, and trade NFTs on the blockchain without any restrictions. However, some security issues are being faced by the crypto wallets as most of them rely on some sort of centralized protocols. Don’t worry; we are there to help you. Given below are some ways in which you can keep your NFTs safe.

Types of NFT Scams

Fake NFT marketplaces

A Fake NFT marketplace link appears precisely the same as the original website, but there is a minor difference in the website address. People usually do not notice the difference and connect their wallets to that phishing website, resulting in a loss of funds.

Fake NFTs

There can be many fake copies of the original NFT that you want to buy. Usually, the links to these NFTs are sent to you in forums, groups, and channels. The message creates an urgency that most people fall for and lose their funds. Impersonation can also cause these NFT scams. People may pretend to be famous influencers and ask you to buy their NFTs (that are obviously fake).

Ways to keep your NFTs safe

Blockchain uses cryptography to secure our transactions. However, this does not mean that we are safe from all these scams. The point is that all the scams that happen in the crypto space are due to some human error. So, we have brought you some ways in which you can be extra careful with your NFT’s safety.

Using Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets provide the highest rate of security among all kinds of wallets. This is due to the fact that software wallets are prone to data leaks while hardware wallets are immune to them. We can just connect them to our PC and we are good to go.

Check the NFT marketplace’s web address

Always check the marketplace’s web address before connecting your wallet. Most of the time there will be an extra alphabet or modified alphabet in the fake address. For example, Opensea could be faked as 0pensea or Opemsea.

Verify the NFT before the purchase

As we all know that blockchains are transparent for everyone. Therefore, we can check the buyers and sellers of the NFTs with its address. This will help us to differentiate the real NFTs from the Fake ones.

Fake Airdrops

Scammers will try to win your trust by sending some free NFT airdrops to your wallet. After some time they will ask you for your personal details. Therefore, try not to interact with anyone who is asking for your personal details.

Logout your wallet properly

After you are done using the website make sure that you log out from it. You can check all the sites that are currently connected to your wallet. Make sure that you delete all the sites that you rarely use from your wallet settings.

Watch out for unknown links

Do not enter any personal information on the websites that you are not aware of. Beware of unknown links because most of them will redirect you to a phishing website. Therefore, avoid clicking on these kinds of links.

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