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Fxhash 2.0 launches with Ethereum Merger

fxhash — Blocks Chained, or Unchained, V2.0
fxhash — Blocks Chained, or Unchained, V2.0

In recent years, fxhash has established itself as a leading platform for generative art, emphasizing its commitment to the community and providing accessibility. As an integral part of the Tezos NFT ecosystem for a long time, the platform is now aiming to further strengthen its dedication to empowering artists in the generative NFT domain. To achieve this, fxhash is embarking on an ambitious expansion, with the goal of unlocking and amplifying the creative potential of artists.

In an upcoming update known as fxhash 2.0, the platform is set to revolutionize the intersection of Tezos and Ethereum, creating a conducive environment that nurtures the distinctive creative autonomy of its users. This integration with Ethereum is anticipated to broaden the platform’s functionalities, enabling users to mint and collect one-of-a-kind generative artworks seamlessly on both Tezos and Ethereum, all within the fxhash ecosystem.

Since its inception in 2021, fxhash swiftly established itself as a thriving open ecosystem for generative art, providing a platform where artists can freely mint their innovative creations without the usual restrictions found on curated platforms. The outcome has been a vibrant and diverse marketplace, witnessing the birth of over two million distinct art pieces since its launch.

With its 2.0 upgrade, fxhash introduces a groundbreaking feature of integrating Ethereum, which is renowned as the dominant blockchain network. This notable update is a direct response to the feedback from the fxhash community, highlighting the platform’s dedication to meeting user requirements. By adopting a dual-blockchain approach, fxhash empowers artists and collectors to select either Tezos or Ethereum based on their specific preferences, thereby elevating their creative and collecting experiences.

In addition to expanding its efforts beyond blockchain with BI (Beyond blockchain) expansion initiatives, the update also brings forth the inclusion of complete on-chain minting on Ethereum and Tezos platforms. This development guarantees artists a broader range of choices and tools to permanently preserve their artworks on the blockchain. As stated in an exclusive press release shared with NFT Now, this new feature exemplifies fxhash’s core objective of empowering its worldwide community of artists, enabling them to generate income from their digital artworks regardless of their geographical location.

In pursuit of this goal, existing features such as fx(params), redeemables, and third-party integration tools that are currently available on fxhash will seamlessly integrate with Ethereum upon the launch of fxhash 2.0. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition for artists who are already familiar with the platform’s existing tools, while also expanding their opportunities and potential audience.

As the developers work on the 2.0 release, a crucial principle they uphold is maintaining a cohesive presentation of generative art, irrespective of the blockchain utilized for minting. This is exemplified by the ongoing practice of displaying artworks together, prioritizing the art and artist over the specific blockchain. In terms of the marketplace, pieces and collections will be designated using either XTZ or ETH, simplifying the denomination process.

With its embrace of a multichain approach, fxhash 2.0 appears poised to exceed expectations by enabling effortless transitions between Ethereum and Tezos, a level of integration not yet achieved by any individual marketplace. Undoubtedly, this integration will offer artists the opportunity to showcase their generative projects to diverse audiences and expand their reach significantly. As of the current writing, the launch of fxhash 2.0 is scheduled for late 2023 and is set to be accompanied by a series of URL and IRL events commemorating this significant milestone.

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