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FrankyNines and VeeFriends collaboration – All you need to know

FrankyNines and VeeFriends have announced their partnership for the 7th gift for Gift Holders. Let’s understand what it means for the investors.

Introduction to VeeFriends

NFTs got eye-catching views when GaryVee announced his own NFT project. His NFT collection comprises 10,266 NFTs to build meaningful intellectual property and a great community.

Not only this, he started the sensible initiative and laid the blueprint for others on how NFTs can bring value to the common people by allowing community access through smart contracts. The VeeFriends NFT also added a utility to their tokens that included additional perks and several other benefits.

VeeFriends NFTs are divided into three categories, Admission, Gifts, and Access.

Your NFT will act as an entry pass to attend VeeCon (A flagship summit that brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and mentors from around the world) for three consecutive years (2022, 2023, and 2024).

The global flagship conference will be centred around entrepreneurship, creativity, business ideas, marketing, innovation, and entertainment. GaryVee wants to provide an illuminating experience for his community by adding enormous value and informational content to all the VeeFriends token holders.

The Gifts
  • The Admission tokens will act as an entry pass for attending VeeCon for three years.
  • The Gift token will provide entry tickets to the token holder and six gifts per year for three years.
  • The access token will be providing a virtual hangout session with GaryVee per year for the next three years.

All about Gift Goat Gift #7 from FrankyNines and VeeFriends

Gift Goat is one of the 268 characters in the original VeeFriends collection. In fact, there are only 555 Gift Goat NFTs in the whole collection. Namely, Gift Goat holders are eligible to receive at least six physical gifts per year, for three years. So this means that Gift #7 is actually the first gift of year 2 for VeeFriends.

Firstly, Gift Goat holders will receive a pair of ultra-stylish, all-weather Duck Boots, courtesy of the brand Huckberry. Second, Gift Goat holders will also receive one of 555 limited-edition NFTs.

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