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Experience web3 gaming with Amazon Prime & Blankos Block Party

Amazon Drop written & Blankos Block Party logo shown alongside a Blankos.
Amazon Drop written & Blankos Block Party logo shown alongside a Blankos.

Embracing the Web3 trend, Amazon Prime announces a thrilling development. Prime members can anticipate accessing exclusive bundles, comprising Consumables, Currency, and exceptional Accessories & Blankos, throughout 2023 and even extending into 2024. This presents an incredible opportunity to elevate the Blankos Block Party experience and distinguish oneself from the crowd by acquiring distinctive items solely accessible to Prime members.

As part of the campaign, there will be a total of six claimable bundles, each featuring a unique and exclusive NFT. These bundles will collectively provide two Blankos and four Accessories. It is worth emphasizing that once an offer concludes, the specific NFT associated with that bundle will not be obtainable again in the future.

To acquire the Prime Gaming Bundles, ensure that you are an Amazon Prime member. If you haven’t joined yet, simply sign up to enjoy the advantages. Next, link your Amazon and Blankos accounts to establish a connection between your Prime membership and the Blankos Block Party game. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can explore the selection of available rewards and claim the ones that pique your interest. It’s worth noting that these exclusive bundles feature new and unique NFTs, including 2 Blankos and 4 Accessories. Remember, once each offer concludes, the corresponding NFT within the bundle will not be accessible in the future.

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