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Experience Only Up game’s Goblintown NFT art

Goblintown NFT art murals in Only Up game.
Goblintown NFT art murals in Only Up game.

The artwork from Goblintown has unexpectedly risen to prominence in ‘Only Up’, a game that resembles the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” where the protagonist ascends a sequence of platforms. This immersive 3D world is filled with surreal objects such as Shiba Inu dogs, Avocados, and Oranges. Notably, NFT enthusiasts are captivated by the widespread presence of Goblintown’s artwork.

To provide further clarification, the game does not feature specific ‘Goblintown’ characters, but it does include hidden surprises or ‘Easter eggs,’ throughout. For instance, the game’s main character sports a jacket adorned with a Goblin image on the back. Furthermore, numerous walls within the game display expansive murals portraying different characters from the NFT collection. Consequently, Goblintown is gaining extensive exposure and benefiting from significant free marketing.

On Wednesday, the game received an impressive 109,000 streams on Twitch. Notably, influential streamers Agentoo and Mizkif attracted 20,000 viewers each during their streams of the game. Furthermore, Only Up has gained significant viral traction, and as more players immerse themselves in the game, many NFT holders anticipate that the increased attention will bring about the much-needed liquidity to the Web3 ecosystem.

Only Up was developed by SCKR Games. However, media outlets have reached out to the game studio to inquire about any association with Truth Labs, the parent company of Goblintown but, so far, there has been no response from them regarding this matter. It is highly likely that SCKR Games utilized the artwork from the NFT project under a CCO (Creative Commons) license which grants permission to use intellectual property without requiring explicit authorization or payment.

Following the game’s launch, the official Goblintown Twitter account has actively addressed the situation through multiple posts. Notably, the Goblins expressed their gratitude in their distinctive Goblin language, stating, “Tenk u SCKR Games for putin goblins in ur game Only Up.”

While there may not be an official affiliation between the two companies, the inclusion of Goblintown’s artwork in Only Up has undeniably generated significant interest and engagement for the project.

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