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CyberBrokers NFT

Cyberbrokers is a collection of 10,001 NFTs. These NFTs also provide membership and access to different kinds of experiences in the metaverse. Every CyberBroker is a piece of art in its own right and has varying traits and accessories.CyberBrokers are stored entirely on the Ethereum network. The art is composed of SVGs, a human-readable, text-based file format that allows for specifying the positions, colours, and shapes to be drawn. These SVG files are broken down into components, compressed, and stored as individual layers on Ethereum.

The CyberBrokers art can then be reconstructed directly from the assets using an on-chain transcoder. CyberBrokers metadata will also be stored on-chain, and a cached image of the compiled CyberBrokers will be stored via IPFS for seamless integration into existing marketplaces.

The team behind Cyberbrokers NFT

Josie Bellini – Previously in finance, she left that world to join the cultural revolution of crypto. Josie has been creating art that tells the story of the crypto ecosystem since 2017. She has exhibited in virtual worlds and at major blockchain conferences like Consensus, NFT NYC, and Satoshi Roundtable. In 2020, she created an art piece and metaverse puzzle which brought together leading projects Neon District, CryptoKitties, Axie, Cryptovoxels, SuperRare, Age of Rust, and OpenSea to create an immersive and interactive metaverse experience. To know more about NFTs, you can check out our separate post which explains everything you need to know about NFTs.

Story Behind Cyberbrokers NFT collection

Cyberbrokers’ story consists of 7 chapters namely – Project Paradigm, Cowboy Up, Valentine’s Day, Gimme a Hand, A Second Date, Catching a Ride and Failsafe Alpha.

“The earth is frozen. Locked in a modern ice age. The world governments had come together with a plan to save humanity by moving everyone into the metaverse. It had been called “The Paradigm Shift”. The first ten thousand volunteers, ready to light the way, were called CyberBrokers. Everything went wrong. Two centuries later, a complacent human race copes with a great awakening.”

This is the story of The Paradigm Lost.

How to buy these NFTs

The CyberBrokers NFTs were first available to mint in March of this year. What’s more, they minted for 0.35 ETH through an entirely allow-listed sale. That is to say that there was no public sale. This popular NFT collection currently sits at a floor price of 1.9 ETH on the Opensea marketplace. As far as a secondary trade volume, CyberBrokers has brought in 33.1K ETH so far.

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