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“Boerne Artist Justin Bua Launches First NFT as a Ticket to Join his Upcoming ‘BUAverse’ Metaverse”

Boerne-based artist Justin Bua entered the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the latest creation, “The MC.” Bua can capture the spirit of hip-hop culture through his artwork. Boerne Artist Launches First NFT is a digital asset that can be art, music, video, or other media. They have grown in popularity as a way to buy and sell digital artwork.

Bua wants NFTs more accessible to people who are not familiar with cryptocurrency. In collaboration with Supermojo, BUA is allowing people to purchase their NFT with a regular credit card.

Boerne Artist Launches First NFT has created 1,011 NFTs. 1,000 are unique images and the remaining 11 are “golden tickets.” Bua painted each of the pieces the “old-school” way. Bua says The golden ticket NFTs come with a “mysterious surprise” and can be anything from a live impromptu Twitch session to entertainment from a DJ.

“This is a direct connection to my buyer, which is amazing,” Bua said in an interview with Axios.

Bua, who grew up in New York City, has recently moved to Boerne, seeking more space. He is a frequent visitor to San Antonio, attending the Pearl farmers market almost every weekend, he says.

Bua’s NFTs are a ticket into the “BUAverse.” The BUAverse is a metaverse by Bua. Owning one of the NFTs will grant the buyer access to an exciting new world.

The NFT market is rapidly growing. Bua’s entry into the space marks a significant step forward for the Boerne art scene. With his unique style and artistic vision, Bua is sure to make a significant impact in the NFT world. We look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

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