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Blur condemned for the recent NFT market crash


The recent downturn in the NFT market has garnered significant attention, with Blur, the emerging marketplace that surpassed OpenSea as the primary Ethereum NFT trading platform, being heavily scrutinized and held accountable. Notable figures and traders within the space attribute the declining prices of projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club to Blur’s enticing trading model, making it a focal point of blame.

Blur made a notable entrance into the NFT scene, positioning itself as a platform catering to professional NFT traders. To entice users away from competitors such as OpenSea, Blur implemented a token airdrop. However, critics contend that this model has contributed to a frenzied cycle of buying and selling NFTs at a rapid pace.

Blur has faced criticism from prominent figures in the NFT community, including Trevor Owens and Xero, who have expressed concerns about the platform incentivizing risky behavior. In response, Tieshun “Pacman” Roquerre, the founder of Blur, defended the platform, highlighting that floor prices have experienced fluctuations since its launch. Additionally, Roquerre attributed the price movements to external factors such as the introduction of the Azuki Elementals collection.

Amidst the mounting criticism, Blur has proceeded with the launch of its v2 protocol, introducing new features and rewards. Despite the backlash, there have been no indications from Blur’s founder regarding any intentions to alter the platform’s existing model. As the NFT market grapples with challenges, the role of platforms like Blur and their influence on market dynamics will remain a subject of ongoing debate.

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