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Moonbird NFT with Space Helmet trait

PROOF To Send Moonbirds NFTs On Lunar Mission

The art collective PROOF, responsible for the Moonbirds collection, has disclosed its intention to dispatch all 254 Moonbirds possessing the rare “Space Helmet” trait to the moon. This space mission, known as the “Lunaprise Museum” and conducted by NASA, is dedicated to safeguarding the essence of human history, culture, and art through digital archives destined…

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Grant Yun's NFT

Grant Yun’s Artwork Lone NFT In Sotheby’s Sale

Grant Yun’s artwork, “The Last Supper,” is poised for auction at the upcoming Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated sale. Yun will showcase his 1/1 creation in both physical and digital formats, making it the only NFT among the other tangible masterpieces. The physical version of this 1/1 artwork will be jointly presented by the auction house in…

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Stoner Cats NFTs

Stoner Cats NFTs Faced With Legal Restrictions

The Stoner Cats NFT project, co-founded by the well-known actress Mila Kunis, has faced trading restrictions on major NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Blur, and Rarible. This action comes in the aftermath of the United States SEC filing charges against the project’s creators, alleging the sale of unregistered securities. It’s essential to emphasize that despite these…

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Nakamigos CLOAKS NFTs

Nakamigos Criticized Over ‘CLOAKS’ NFTs

The peculiar pixelated NFT project, Nakamigos, unveiled its latest NFT endeavor, CLOAKS, on September 13. This NFT collection comprises 20,000 Nakamigos characters, which include both human-like characters and wolves, and each of these NFTs also includes worldwide gaming and commercial IP rights. However, some members of the community express concerns that introducing yet another NFT…

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Karl Lagerfeld & Bosa Merge Fashion With NFT For Tribute

On September 10, Karl Lagerfeld and Bosa unveiled a unique NFT collection as a tribute to the timeless legacy of the renowned late designer. The KARL LAGERFELD X BOSA collection features two distinctive handmade ceramic sculptures adorned with 24-carat gold and platinum paints, offering a fresh reinterpretation of the iconic image that instantly defined Karl…

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Bored & Hungry's BAYC-Themed Offerings And Restaurant's Exterior

“Bored & Hungry” Offers Hospitality & NFT Fusion

“Bored & Hungry” stands as the inaugural physical restaurant inspired by the BAYC. This novel establishment, located in Long Beach, California, is the brainchild of Andy Nguyen, a seasoned restaurateur based in the United States. The menu at this burger-centric eatery is ingeniously categorized into two sections: “Boring” and “Mutant.” Notably, it holds the distinction…

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Rage Quit Mechanism Which Includes Nouns Fork Explained

NounsDAO NFT Holders “Rage Quit” To Exit

NounsDAO finds itself in an internal crisis as a substantial segment of its NFT holders decides to initiate a “rage quit.” This action permits these holders to depart from the project and access a portion of the treasury, avoiding the current downturn in the NFT market. According to this provision, if Nouns NFT holders representing…

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OnChainMonkey Genesis NFT Collection

OnChainMonkey Transfers Genesis Collection to Ordinals At Once

Metagood, the company responsible for the NFT collection OnChainMonkey (OCM), is in the midst of moving its NFT collection, OCM Genesis, from the Ethereum blockchain to Bitcoin’s blockchain. This decision comes with a substantial cost of $1 million, and the project is accomplishing the transfer in a single transaction.

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Company’ Music NFT Details

Justin Bieber’ ‘Company’ Transformed into Music NFT

Justin Bieber has recently converted one of his chart-topping songs into an NFT, offering fans an opportunity to engage in a royalty-sharing endeavor. This unique venture is the result of a partnership between anotherblock & the song’s co-producer, Andreas Schuller, known by his stage name ‘Axident.’ There are a limited 2,000 copies of this NFT…

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