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With a $1 billion valuation, Unstoppable Domains raises $65 million.

The web3 digital identity platform Unstoppable Domains has announced a massive $65 million Series A financing round at a $1 billion value. The proceeds from this offering will be used to finance web3-related product development and collaboration. Pantera Capital, Mayfield, CoinGecko, & Polygon are among the companies that have invested in the network. The future…

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Kevin Rose’s PROOF Hired Ethereum NFT Team Divergence

The release of April’s hot Moonbirds NFT has made PROOF the most popular project of Web3. After becoming the most popular project of Web3, Kevin Rose is preparing for its other launches, such as a social platform through its startup. The company has hired the best development team to accomplish all its goals.  PROOF Has…

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Lady Ape Club NFT- The Female Companions of the Bored Apes

Lady Ape Club is a specially curated NFT collection for women and provides a female alternative to the Bored Ape Yacht Club. About the Lady Ape Club collection Although not affiliated with BAYC, the collection essentially stands as the reverse of the BAYC collection – in facial orientation and gender terms. As with its male counterparts, the…

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All about the Goblin Town NFT Collection

The Goblin Town NFT Collection is getting a lot of traction these days. They have overtaken the BAYC NFT collection in terms of trading volume and sales. Let's find out what they are and why have they gained so much fame over a short period of time. About Goblin Town NFT Collection Goblin Town NFT…

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