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Azuki Elementals vacated in Presale Raising $38 M


The Azuki Elementals mint is the talk of the town everywhere you go these days. Its mint has garnered immense fascination, excitement, and intrigue, resulting in an undeniable fervor that simply cannot be overlooked.

The Azuki Elementals have become the latest addition to the rapidly growing Azuki universe, joining the already popular Azuki’s genesis collection and Beanz. The Elementals line expands across four distinct domains—Lightning, Earth, Water, and Fire—and offers different tiers of rarity. This collection comprises a total of 20,000 unique NFTs. During the recent Vegas event held by the project, the first 10,000 Elementals were distributed as airdrops to existing Azuki holders. The remaining NFTs were made available for purchase during today’s Elementals sale.

The minting process for the Azuki Elementals commenced at 9:00 a.m. PT, exclusively for Azuki holders. Subsequently, at 9:10 a.m. PT, Beanz holders were granted the opportunity to participate in the minting. Although a public auction was originally scheduled to take place, as anticipated by many, all 10,000 Elementals were completely sold out for a total of 20K ETH within the Beanz minting window, thus preventing the collection from reaching the public sale phase.

The minting process of the Azuki Elementals generated a diverse range of responses, with a significant number of individuals (primarily Azuki holders) expressing joy and satisfaction after successfully participating in the mint. Conversely, some participants, despite being punctual, expressed frustration as they were unable to secure a minted NFT. Notably, there was no minting limit imposed on Azuki holders during the pre-sale phase, resulting in a situation where certain users were able to mint more than 10 Elementals, with one user achieving an astonishing feat of minting 332 NFTs. Unfortunately, numerous Beanz holders encountered difficulties and were unable to participate in the minting process altogether.

Following the unveiling, the intricately crafted anime artwork of the Azuki Elementals evoked a wide range of responses from viewers. Particularly noteworthy were numerous comments pointing out the notable resemblances between the newly launched collection and its predecessor.

In a tweet, AshRobin, an Azuki holder, remarked, “Elementals exhibit essentially the same art and style as the original Azuki collection, albeit with some new traits.”

However, what distinguishes the Elementals collection is the incorporation of animal characteristics and the introduction of youthful versions of Azukis. This collection comprises six distinct subtypes, namely classic, kid, frog, red panda, sloth, and cat.

Numerous observers have drawn captivating comparisons between Yuga and Azuki, likening Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) to Azuki, the Azuki Elementals to Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), and Beanz to Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC). Both Yuga and Azuki have solidified their positions as highly regarded projects, featuring multiple collections within their respective ecosystems. While it is understandable to draw such parallels due to the resemblances in their structures, these comparisons somewhat overlook the distinct identities and visions of these projects.

In spite of these comparisons, the Azuki community has emphatically emphasized its distinctive identity and roadmap. They firmly assert that their mission and plans are entirely unique, and they are not merely attempting to mirror or emulate other projects.

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of the crypto space, it becomes evident that the Azuki community is not merely treading a predetermined path but actively forging its own trail. By doing so, they are establishing a distinct identity and leaving behind a lasting legacy within the realm of digital art.

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