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Nakamigos CLOAKS NFTs

Nakamigos Criticized Over ‘CLOAKS’ NFTs

The peculiar pixelated NFT project, Nakamigos, unveiled its latest NFT endeavor, CLOAKS, on September 13. This NFT collection comprises 20,000 Nakamigos characters, which include both human-like characters and wolves, and each of these NFTs also includes worldwide gaming and commercial IP rights. However, some members of the community express concerns that introducing yet another NFT…

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Bored & Hungry's BAYC-Themed Offerings And Restaurant's Exterior

“Bored & Hungry” Offers Hospitality & NFT Fusion

“Bored & Hungry” stands as the inaugural physical restaurant inspired by the BAYC. This novel establishment, located in Long Beach, California, is the brainchild of Andy Nguyen, a seasoned restaurateur based in the United States. The menu at this burger-centric eatery is ingeniously categorized into two sections: “Boring” and “Mutant.” Notably, it holds the distinction…

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